Advice Needed

Chris Dorn
Tue, 03 Sep 1996 15:40:28 -0600

  I have just joined this list, and am hoping that I may avail myself on the
collective wisdom of this group to learn more about Ten Tec gear. I learned
about this list from another Ham who has decided to go with Ten Tec in the
future. I myself was very close to concluding a trade for a Ten Tec Corsair
II, but the gentleman changed his mind just 2 days ago. I thought I would
check the list out however, for future possibilities. I did purchase a used
Century 21 digital from Ten Tec just over a year ago. Unfortunately there
were some problems with the rig on 2 occasions, and Ten Ten respectfully
refunded my money. I have read most of the major ARRL reports on the Ten
Tecs, but would really like some operator's feedback. Here in Western
Canada, I have not encountered a lot of Ten Tec rigs. With the exception of
the Century 21 that I briefly owned, I have only seen one Omni 5 at a
Hamfest. Could someone advise me as to which are the better of the rigs? My
interest is currently with CW operation, and I am considering a second rig
to complement my current Drake TR7. I like the philosophy of a radio that is
big on performance, but not cluttered with too many bells and whistles. Ten
Ten seems to fit the bill that way.
Forgive me if I have taken up too much bandwidth. Personal e-mail welcome.
Chris VE6RDC