160m. capacitor (external) on #229 tuner?

Brien Pepperdine pepperb@gov.on.ca
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 18:48:35 -0400 (EDT)

After waiting since April to finally meet up with a fellow who had a #229
L-network tuner for sale, I at last met him at a flea market by

I have not yet used it, since I am waiting to get my MFJ antenna analyzer
back from a friend at lunch this week (his escape from daughter and
doctoral thesis for an hour, my escape from reality)-- when I have the
analyzer I will put the tuner through its paces via the analyzer rather
than use an xmtr on all the bands and thereby stress the finals as I to LO
Z and HI Z and all over the inductor ranges.

Anyhow, my only question at this point is what is the story on the lug on
the back for the external capacitor for 160m. use - manual tells me what
to use in terms of range and all (one KV rating), but, with one leg of the
cap on the lug on the back (T4) where does the other leg of the cap go to?

If anyone knows what to do etc. I'd like to know since 160m. season is
coming soon, I will put up my Marconi or something very soon, and so I
might need to use the extra capacitance.