FS: Omni VI

Art Searle asearle@netusa.net
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 15:31:19 -0700

For Sale  $2,100 for everything

Ten-Tec 563 Omni VI HF Tranceiver sn 05A10106
   lastest edition - new June 1996!
with:     Power Supply 962 sn 01H10336
          Remote tuning head       
          500 Hz 8 Pole Ladder Filter 217
          250 Hz 8 Pole Ladder Filter 282
          500 Hz 6 Pole Ladder Filter 285
          1.8 KHz 8 Pole Ladder Filter 218
(together as package)

In a moment of weakness I have decided to sell a perfectly good
radio. Mail responses that ask why will not be answered. I know
of no problems other than the following:

1)   250 Hz filter rings very slightly, the other filters DO NOT!
2)   sidetone in QSK is slightly harsh

The radio works great. I have used it with a radio interface and
it works fine. I operate exclusively cw so no mic is included.
For those who are curious, I have no intentions of replacing this
radio with anything else.

Please no requests to sell the items separately. Also please no
inquires as to why.

73, de Art WU2K

Art Searle, WU2K, NY, ARRL Life Member, QRP-L #524, QRP ARCI #9123
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