Scout Help!

Mark Libner-GUSR32
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 7:34:00 -0500

     Before I send my 2 month old Scout into Ten-Tec for service I though I 
     ask the experts here. Do I have a real problem or just a limitation of 
     the PTO in the Scout. Here goes:
     When tuning the Scout, if I keep the PTO turning in the same direction 
     everything is OK. I can stop on a frequency and move on to other 
     without any issue. If I stop however and change directions, either up 
     or down the band, the PTO jumps in frequency 200 to 300 hertz in the 
     last direction it was turned. 
     At first I though it was backlash in the screw assembly but I do not 
     feel any mechanical movement. The actual frequency of the radio is 
     moving - not just a counter issue. 200 Hz. is very recognizable in the 
     I use this radio only in the mobile. It is mounted vertically using 
     the Ten-Tec bracket and a small wood block under the back of the 
     radio, resting on the mounting bracket, to keep the weight off the 
     power and coax connectors. 
     Please help if you have seen this before and I hopefully have 
     something that Tec-Tec or I can correct. Fine turning this radio in 
     the mobile is a real pain in the - - -. 
     Mark Libner (NS9N)

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