Which used rig for me?

Daniel I. Applebaum danapple@vicor.com
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 15:59:24 -0700

I'm new to this list, and will hopefully soon be a new General class
operator.  Currently, Technician.  I'm looking to buy my first HF
transceiver, and the Ten-Tec gear seems like a good move.  The two
rigs that appear to meet my requirements are the Argosy II and Delta
(I).  What I'd like is 100w output, digital freq. display, simple,
small, 80/40/20/10m bands, maybe mobile, less than $500.  Would either
or both of these radios fit the bill?  Which would be preferred?  Is
there another unit that would be more appropriate?  Thanks for any and
all help.


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