Corsair II questions

Jan & Del Seay
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 15:39:47 -0700 wrote:
> Fellow amateurs:
> I have recently sold a Kenwood 930 with auto tune and am thinking of
> replacing it with ten-tec equipment..I have heard about the Corsair II and
> would appreciate any replies both pro and con that you have experienced with
> the rig and it's operation. My funds are limited, so I want the most bang for
> the buck...73..Scott

I've never operated one, but there are several in this area and--
I can assure you they have the best cw note of any rig!! Much better
than the OMNI-6 of mine!
Also, with the external vfo, you get the ability to listen to the
dx station and your frequency at the same time. Not a second receiver,
but close!  de KL7HF

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