Titan PS problems

W2CRS@aol.com W2CRS@aol.com
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 01:01:53 -0400

The other night I switched my Titan PS from low voltage to high voltage while
the Titan was on and warmed up (but not transmitting).   I don't see in the
manual that you're not supposed to do this.  Anyway, the 20 amp fuses blew.
 So before replacing the 20 amp fuses I make sure the power supply is in the
High voltage position, I replace the fuses and, the fuses blow again olus
there's this burning smell.
I open up the PS and see that the large 25 watt, 10 ohm wirewound resistor R1
is burned up.  
I call up Ten Tec the next day and they want the power supply (with the
transformer taken out and sent separately) and the RF deck.  That's a lot of
shipping.  Before I package it all up and send it to TN, any ideas???????????
Anyone else had this problem?????
Thanks and 73,  Doug  W2CRS

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