[TenTec] Ref: Chasing down a Tentec 509

Mark A Jacobs jake28@juno.com
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 12:02:23 EDT

April 7, 1997 Monday and Beautiful 60 degs.

Dear Sirs, Allow to introduce myself and discuss my plight. First off, My
Mother named me Walter Jacobs. I've been an amateur radio operator since
1948. I'm known by you guys as W7PVZ, or I like to use..."Watch Seven
Pelicans Vertically Zoom, over Puget Sound Those memory "hooks", really
         But, "Enough of that Walt, they're busy guys!".Guys the reason I
write is I'm in need of gear for the low low power ham realm, that's QRP,
         Would you be so kind to direct me as to where QRP gear can be
purchased second hand. What I'm looking for is a Ten Tec 509, but at
pr4esent I'd like a gerall over view of the gear and where one would
look. "Thank You", for your time and attention, with best regards...

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