George Arthur Talbot talbot@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu
Thu, 10 Apr 97 13:18:21+120

Dr. Lewis and all,

>The receiver, however, is a real joy.  I got all the
>filters with it, and it is fun playing with them.  I was surprised to find I
>don't really need them that much, the 1.8 filter is about as usable as the
>narrow CW filters on my other rigs.  It is fun, though, to tune into the 40
>meter novice band at night and pick out signals between the foreign
>broadcast stations.  The strong signal rejection is nothing short of amazing
>with two 250 Hz filters switched on. 

I use the Paragon Uno but performance is also exceptional with the 250 Hz
filter on and the Switched Capacitor AF filter on max selectivity. I use it
in this configuration when I surf the 5 KHz wide CW pileups (calling ME!)
from EU. Don't try that with an overseas box on RIT! I'm curious to see what
will happen when the sun spots come back!

TU dit dit


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