[TenTec] TITAN input SWR problem HELP!!!

Mixalis Dimitrakakis mdim@intranet.gr
Thu, 10 Apr 97 15:35:10 EETDST

 Dear Amateurs friends

        I have a problem with my TITAN on the input side ,for example 
   with my transceiver (JRC245) and the TITAN on the 
   standby-mode with the R7(vertical by cushcraft) on SSB I am reading
   1.1:1 SWR when I operate the TITAN the SWR on my transceiver meter
   go to 1.8-2.0:1.
      I retune the automatic antenna tuner(with relays and memories not the 
   good old variable capacitor ones ,anyway)it's still 2.0:1,
   I have also tried the same thing on different bands ,same thing happens.
   I also tried different coaxial lenghts,types (RG58,RG213)between my
   trans.and the RF input of the TITAN same thing again.
   Any ideas of what is causing this rise in SWR when there is in line
   operating the TITAN????
   By the way this is my first linear amp. so I need some advice from the pros.
   I am operating the TITAN on low voltage since the R7 will melt with
   the 1.5KW .

      A couple of times in the begining I accidently overdrove the amp.
   with my transceiver (not more than 2-3 secs)so I am afraid that
   I might have done some damage to the TITAN input matching circuit.

   Thank you in advance
    73 Michael SV1CVY

    Electrical Engineer
    Intracom SA
    R & D Dept.
    email mdim@intranet.gr

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