[TenTec] TT920 - AM airband HT

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Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:29:04 Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Scott (and reflector):

At 10:01 PM 4/9/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Ten-Tec made an HT that was for the Aircraft bands a while back. Maby 
>still?? Anyhow, Im looking for an Aircraft HT and thought of the Ten-Tec 
>one. Can anyone tell me if they are still made? And what the band 
>coverage was. And as I am in the market for one, maby someone has one 
>gathering dust and would like to sell it at a fair price?
>Please let me know.

The airband handheld was the Ten-Tec TT920.  We also built an identical
version for Telex that was sold as the AT920.  Mid 1980's.  108-136 Mhz
receive, 118-136 MHz transmit in 25 kHz increments.  1 watt AM carrier,
3 watts PEP output.  We continue to service these (both the Ten-Tec and
Telex versions) and still manufacture the NiCd battery packs and wall
charger, though the handheld itself has been out of production for
close to 10 years now.  This transceiver is cousin to the Ten-Tec 2591 2m
FM HT, using the same case styling, battery packs, and accessories.  

Scott Robbins, W4PA
Ten-Tec, Inc. 

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