[TenTec] TenTec G5RV

Dale Pendleton ad4yh@nortel.ca
11 Apr 1997 12:15 EDT

>Checking the TT webb page, I find that their G5RV requires 70ft of coax
>minimum. Why is this? I've seen this somewhere before but never gotten a
>technical explanation for it. It would seem to increase loss (a lot)
>especially if RG-58 is used as mentioned! But perhaps this is the plan.
>Maybe they want higher loss so the swr will appear lower. 

1. The G5RV is not really a <resonant> antenna. 
2. Anytime the antenna is not at resonance, the
   the impedance will vary along the length of 
   the feedline. 
3. The 70' is most likely one of the best "over-
   all" choices to keep things as close to 50 ohms
   as possible. You must remember that the G5RV
   is at best ONLY a "compromise" antenna. 
4. Oh yes, the longer the feedline, the lower the
   SWR will "appear" to be, especially with coax
   fed systems.


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