[TenTec] Delta II AGC Improvements

Dale Pendleton ad4yh@nortel.ca
14 Apr 1997 12:40 EDT

>- - very long AGC decay times. I ended up using 'fast' on SSB and 
>    'slow' was useless
>- - the bar graph would drop to about 3 blocks and then take 10 
>    seconds to drop the last 3 on an S9+ signal

Sometimes a longer decay time is useful for reducing listening
fatigue from certain types of qrm and qrn.

I did a bit of fussing around with my Paragon II and found that
around 2.5 to 3 seconds really seems to be just about right
in most cases.

I do however agree that the 10 seconds you mention is indeed
much too long. I can't see how this would be by design. Maybe
there was some other component failure. I would indeed be 
shocked if the TEN TEC folk would send a rig out the door with
a 10 second decay time on the AGC puposely.

I would consider looking around in that IF circuit some more,
or doubble check the values of the resistors you removed?...

73 de  AD4YH

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