[TenTec] Sell Trade FT1000MP

Samuel S. Yates ab4n@erols.com
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 16:50:04 -0500

YAESU FT-1000MP for sale. Includes FH-1 Remote Control Keypad,
500 kHz CW Filter (8 mHz) and the matching MD-100A8X mike. The
radio is in pristine condition, less than 10 hours of use in a

The radio was purchased new 12/96 and is S/N 6E08214. The ALC and
RF Processor modifications were factory installed when the rig was

My price is $2400.  I will consider a late Ten-Tec rig + cash.  A
local deal is preferred to preclude shipping damage, and so there
will be no question of misrepresentation by either party. I am
located in Culpeper, Virginia, about 60 miles SW of Washington,
D.C. In the event the sale is not local, shipping is not included
in the price.

If interested, contact me via e-mail ab4n@erols.com or call me at
home (before 8:00PM Eastern Time) at (540) 829-6548. During normal
working hours I may be reached at (703) 367-3974.

Sam Yates, AB4N

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