[TenTec] MR-1A inventory

Tom Cooper cooper@gmpvt.com
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 10:49:46 -0400

A lot of people sent me mail saying that they needed to up their
medication because just the thought of an un-goofed MR-1A made their
heart pound so.  I had no idea there was such an emotional attraction.

I brought the box in to work today so I can give a complete inventory
of what's in it, since the were also a lot of questions about it.

1.  warranty card - void if not returned within 10 days of purchase (ha ha)

2.  blueprint schematics and mechanical drawings

        assembly layout MR1
        front and rear panel MR1
        VO-1 schematic
        PM1/MR1 schematic

3.  TEN-TEC instruction sheet no. 1 - Model MR1 construction

4.  TEN-TEC instruction sheet no. 18C - Model AC6/AC8 

5.  modules VO1 (vfo), AC6 (sidetone and doubler), TX1 (xmtr), MX1 (rx mixer)

6.  MR1 dial 

7.  bag of screws and spacers

Obviously, there is some historic significance here for confirmed TEC-TECies and
I'm a little at a loss as to the best course of action.  One possibility that 
occurred to me is to lend it out, like from a library, so that the greatest
of addicts can get a fix by (carefully) examining the whole kit and then
passing it 
on to the next party.  Another is to donate it to the factory museum (is
there one?).
Or, since so many people offered money for it, to sell to the highest bidder.

I've decided not to sell for cash.  I need external VFO's for my Delta 580
and Omni-A,
so I would consider a trade, but my preference is to share it with as many
as possible beforehand.  

So, if you are interested in either of these options, please respond to me
and I will let the group know what the outcome is later.

Tom  W1EAT

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