[TenTec] Paragon 585 For Sale

Wayne Montague montaw@inforamp.net
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 15:02:30 -0400

Paragon 585 For Sale 

Price:  $1100 US 

Yikes!: A large part of the reason for this price is what is 
        included and the fact it was overhauled and upgraded by
        Ten Tec in December, 1996. Consider this example the
        equivelent of buying a reconditioned one from the
        factory. That upgrade and overhaul cost me $250 US.
        Since that time, the covers have been off only to 
        install the backup memory battery.

WHY?: Time to upgrade to a new higher end radio.  General 
      Coverage is not a major concern. An OMNI VI+ is a

What's it got?  ....

              - factory upgrades
              - FM Board
              - Voice Board
              - RS232 Interface
              - 6 kHz AM filter (standard)
              - 2.4 kHz SSB filter (standard)
              - 500 Hz CW filter
              - 250 Hz CW filter
              - Hand Mic
              - DC cord
              - Manual, docs on accessories

Details: I will ship my cost ConUS/Canada to you within 48 
         Hrs of payment.

   references provided on request

   Please contact me through E/Mail.

Wayne VE3EFJ 

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