[TenTec] Re: Ten Tec Transverters

Mike Smith-VE9AA, Coreen Smith-VE9AAA, ve9aa@brunnet.net
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 07:34:20 -0400

Jim, et al.

I think some may have misconstrued what it was you were saying.
Most probably got it the first time around.  Congrats to n2cei and
D.EAST MW for their donation even though they are a smaller
company.  It's my guess that they'll continue to go far, as will Ten-
Tec.  I think for a larger company such as Ten-Tec, it would seem
"sorta cheap" not to donate a small $99.00 transverter.
(after all, how much did it cost them to build it?)
  The good comments
about Ten-Tec ARE true, and they are also providing a great service
helping to bring more ops to 6m, and soon 2m (ssb/cw).  Perhaps you 
encountered some kind of salesman/rep that was "thrown-into" going
to the conference at the last minute and had no idea of the
protocol at these events.  Could be it was his own presonal way of 
getting back at the CO. for sending him away on a weekend(??) We'll
probably never really know.  Hopefully for future events, they will
be represented again (for free) and they will agree to your very 
modest stand-fee of a small doorprize (eg: $99.00 transverter)
         As you said, there was no charge for a table, and you 
welcomed them anyway, even if they didn't conform to your "terms"
or what was clearly recognized as the accepted norm.  Let's hope this
was merlely an isolated incident on their part. I think you did the 
right thing by not turning them away.  Bravo!  And guys, please lay
off the attacks on Jim 'kxy.  Stop and think about what you are 
saying.  This man has gone to a lot of work to further VHF, as did a 
lot of other people that weekend.  Let's not sour it by negative 
comments and critisms.  Although I didn't attend, I hope at least
SOMEONE mentioned "CY9AA" June 26-July 3rd, as we'll again
be gunning for you lads/lassies on 6m (and 2m)
(had to get my plug in there Jim-sorry! (hi)

Keep up the good work-"Y'all done Gud !"


Michael(ve9aa) & Coreen(ve9aaa) Smith
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Sunbury Co, NB, E2V 3V6

Coreen (1997-1998 President for Orchid 
Society of New Brunswick)
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