[TenTec] TNX all for OMNI VI SSB performance....

Dale Pendleton ad4yh@nortel.ca
24 Apr 1997 10:29 EDT

MIchael & other Ten Tecies...

If you need more help with that "buyen"
decision, I have a both a OMNI D and 
a Paragon II. When I get on SSB, (not very
frequent) I run them with my Xtal D104
and get reports like: 
     "brodcast quality"
     "sounds like AM"
     "what in the world are you running?"

Folks especially seem to like the sound
of the 17 (+-) year old OMNI D on SSB.
But what am I saying? I'm just an ole
Ten-Tecie-CW-QSK sort. Get the rig for
the FB CW!

........73 dale - AD4YH

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