[TenTec] FOR SALE: CENTURY-22, ARGONAUT 509, 405 AMP, 251 P.S. , OMNI-A, #289 N. B. , IC-706

Dana Michael damichael@amp.com
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:37:14 -0400


CENTURY-22 including #226 calibrator, built in Curtis 8044 Keyer,
and            #1179 circuit breaker with original manuals. In
excellent            condition.   $325

ARGONAUT 509 includes Astatic hand mic and original manual.
Good             condition, with some scuffs and scratches.  $275

#405 AMP and #251 Power Supply. With original manuals. Good
condition               some scuffs and scratches.   $200

OMNI-A includes Astatic hand mic and original manual. Very
good             condition.   $300

#289 Noise Blanker for the DELTA 580. With hardware and manual.  $50

ICOM IC-706 very good condition with manual.   $995

BC-560XLT Bearcat 16 channel scanner. With wall cube P.S. and
manual.             Very good condition.   $100


Call 1-717-810-2891 from 6:30 AM till 3:30 PM EDT or 1-717-896-3973 from
     4:00PM till 10:00PM EDT or e-mail.   

Thanks es 73, D. A. MIKE Michael W3TS

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