[TenTec] Omni VI+

Phil Sikes psikes@whidbey.net
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 13:29:13 -8

This is not meant to be a technical review by any means, but I hope 
that you may find it useful if you are thinking about buying the new 
Omni VI+

I ordered my Omni VI+ with a full set of filters, 1.8 kHz SSB, and 
250 and 500 Hz filters for both IFs. Having never previously owned a 
Omni VI I can't compare it to that particular rig. I do own a Ten Tec 
Corsair II and Century 21 as well as a Yaesu FT900. I have also, in 
the past, owned a Kenwood TS520S. I have had occasion to use the 
Kenwood TS450, TS850 and TS950SDX in the shacks of friend I mention 
this only as a point of reference for the following.

One long week after ordering my rig it arrived. The box came complete 
with all of the connectors needed to put the rig on the air with a 
minimum of bother. There is a ready to use power cord and a spare 
connector to make up another included included in the package. I 
already had a Heil boom mike made up for the Corsair so I was ready 
for SSB. There are two key inputs for CW use. One is for using the 
internal keyer and is a 1/8 inch stereo jack. The other is a standard 
1/4 inch jack and can be used for external keyers, bugs or straight 
key input. I opted to use my external memory  keyer so did not 
immediately wire up a cable for the built in keyer. I did eventually 
wire up a connector to use the internal keyer and it does work very 

Power output is adjustable from 1 to 100 watts continuously. This was 
important to me since I do operate QRP quite a bit. The filters are 
extremely sharp and quite a bargain when compared to the 
yaecomwood offerings. For the Omni the price per filter was $89.95 
compared to the $150 per filter Yaesu wanted for the FT1000MP which 
was the other rig that I had considered. Filters from the Corsair II 
Omni V and VI are all useable in the VI+. The built in DSP is a real 
marvel to use. I have a DSP59+ connected to my FT900 and thought that 
it did a good job until I used the one in the Omni. Once you have a 
station tuned in with whatever filter you need, a push of the "NR" 
button and it is like a receive amplifier is turned on. The signal 
literaly jumps out at you. The auto notch also works very well on 
SSB. The manual notch is also spectacular, especially on CW where the 
auto notch would wipe out the CW signal you are trying to copy. The 
low pass filter in the DSP will block out signals above watever low 
pass frequency you want and anything above it is basically gone.  
The auto notch also works very well on SSB. The manual notch filter 
is also pretty spectacular especially on CW where the auto notch 
would wipe out the CW signal you are trying to copy. The low pass 
filter is also very nice to use on CW.  You can set it within a 
select set of frequencies and whatever is above that frequency is 
basically gone. Since I like a CW offset of about 700 Hz, I set the 
low pass for 800 Hz and it works great

For ease of use I think you would be hard pressed to find a rig that 
does this much with such a short a learning curve. Within a half hour 
of power on I was able to use just about every feature of 
e rig with a fair degree of efficiency. 

The SPORT computer interface works great also. I use LOGic4 for my 
logging chores and after a bit of work on my part is was up and 
communicating very well. Now if I can just get PDA, who wrote 
LOGic4, to write a new interface that will use all of the Omni VI+ 
features I will be tickled pink. As of the latest version of LOGic4, 
you will have to use the Icom 735 radio selection which does not use 
all the Omni's features. The last time I talked to PDA they were 
planning to upgrade their radio interfaces.

Connecting my old Yaesu FL2000B non-QSK linear was also a breeze. One 
wire from the Omni was all it took and I was on the air with a mighty 
500 watt

Do I like the rig? You bet! Would I buy it again? In a heart beat. My 
30 day trial period lasted about 30 minutes from power on to filling 
out the warranty card. Thanks Ten Tec for a truly great rig.

73 - Phil

Phil Sikes - KJ7NS
ARCI #9196 - QRP-L #528
FISTS #2602 - NW QRP #412

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