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Subject:       Re: [TenTec] Digital Mode Filters
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Date:          Mon, 28 Apr 1997 17:46:38 EDT

Suggest a call to Scott Robbins, Ten-Tec sales, due to NO brochures out
on the Omni VI PLUS, (altho I have one on order for next production run
May 1!)
The new guy could not anser my ?? and Scott was on his honeymoon last
GL-After  a 544 /ext vfo in the Canal Zone 1977-78; a Corsair one & Two,
Paragon and 3  OMNI V's , I am looking forward to the VI PLUS!
Jim Miller, KF4HK

Jim, thanks for the tip. Also, thanks to all who responded.

73... Jon W1MNK

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