[TenTec] Hercules II amplifier

Steve Ellington n4Lq@igLou.com
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 16:08:09 -0700

Lewis Fischer wrote:
> I recently posted a question reguarding the new Hercules II amp I recently
> received from TenTec.  There is an adjustable pot on the back panel, and a
> jack below that, neither of which appear in the owner's manual.  I have just
> received a message from Scott Robbins stating the jack provides for negative
> ALC voltage feedback required with some older design transceivers.  The
> adjustable pot sets the feedback voltage level.  I hope this information
> will be of help to anyone buying a new Hercules II amp.  By the way, I
> opened the amp to install the 10 meter mod, it appears to me to be quite
> well built.  It works great with my OMNI VI PLUS.  There is no tuning, and
> the Herc II even changes bands when I change bands on the OMNI.  The only
> time I need to touch the amp is to turn it on and off!  Lew WY9X Waterloo, IL

Nice of'em to tell ya. Lew
Yes, the Hercules is a fine piece of gear. It's also quite forgiving 
of higher swr. I'm constantly amazed at how cool it runs even when the
fan is barely turning. I had the old Hercules 1 for a while and although
it worked well, it sounded like a 747 when it got warm!

N4LQ Steve

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