[TenTec] F/S: Omni-V & PS

Luther B. Phillips n4uw@preferred.com
Tue, 01 Jul 1997 15:35:15 +0100

Well, I took the plunge and bought a used Omni-VI, and ordered the option 1
upgrade. Got a good deal on the VI, so am going to offer a good deal on 
the Omni-V. Rig is in excellent condition; only thing I've ever had to do
to it is replace the battery a couple of times. Included are 1.8 filter,
FM board, AND a model 960 power supply. Will ship both units (UPS brown CONUS)
for $1,100, or will consider trading for an IC-736, or even an IC-706 + a little
boot. Thinking of getting a 2nd rig with 6 mtr capability.....
If interested, respond via e-mail, and we'll schedule a call, since my
work schedule is a little different. Hope everyone had a great Field Day.
Thanks for reading. 73 Luther N4UW

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