[TenTec] Near Mint Corsair II For Sale

David H. Hammond DHHDEH@concentric.net
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 18:31:32 -0400

Hi Everyone,

I am offering one of my Corsair II's for sale.  I am the second owner
of unit serial #2648 which I acquired from the estate of a W4.

This radio is in  near mint condition.  Also it was factory serviced
this Spring receiving a complete alignment and rebuild of the PTO.  All
systems now to factory specs.

One a scale of 1-10:
                     --Electrical: 9.95
                     --Cosmetic  : 9.00

Both owners were non-smokers. No grime or scratches.

This is a "stock" rig meaning sold with no optional filters, VFO or P/S.
Included is a DC power cord and manual for a Corsair I (NOT II).

The elegant Corsair II with its PTO/Crystal mixed LO creates a seriously
quiet Rx. Simply a joy to use.

                         $650.00 plus shipping

E-mail or (508)-774-8921 evenings

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