[TenTec] Counter whine in OmniC at low volume: headphones and other quirks

Allan G. Taylor ataylor@heracles.llnl.gov
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 16:04:54 -0700 (PDT)

One of the quirks of upgrading (?) from the OmniD/B to the Omni/C was that a
very minor whine from the counter in the /B has become significant in the /C.
I would like to know if anyone has an intimate knowledge of the fix as it
undoubtedly involves rerouting some wires or perhaps shielding them. The
TT manual says to just put a resistor pad in the line to the headphones and
ignore it, but that is not really a solution for the general case!

Another related question: the Argosy D (I believe) has the feature that the
counter can be shut off with a switch to conserve power. Although the Omni
series is never going to be in the low power consumption class, it would be
nice to have that option. Has anyone done this? (I would like to try this
on the /B first, and then on the /C).

One more: I drive a TT Titan amp with my OmniC (and formerly with the /B). It 
turns out that if one sets the drive level when the rig is more or less cold 
that as it warms up the power output rises significantly, putting the amp output
successively higher in stages. As the setting of the drive pot for a given
amp output is quite sensitive as it is, this is a potential problem. It is
worse with the /C than the /B. As the amp does not need much drive, it tends
to be below the ALC control range for all but full-bore on the Titan (which I
only do when a DX pileup gets me gg!!). Does anyone know of a fix for this
quirk, short of selling both rigs for dirt and getting an OmniV or OmniVI?

Please reply privately...to  k7gt@qsl.net

Grant  K7GT    k7gt@qsl.net

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