[TenTec] Thanks TT; info on 238, 262G, and amp?

Andrew M. Moore dmm@bronze.lcs.mit.edu
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:33:56 -0400 (EDT)


Last Friday I received the Corsair II which I picked up from your used
gear list.  The radio is much cleaner than I expected, and it appears
to be operating perfectly.  Of course, that's just on 40 meter CW, as
I haven't ventured off to the other bands yet.  I'm thrilled!  Please
express my thanks to Paul Clinton for the VFO rebuild, too.  This is
the first HF radio I used (about nine years ago), and all the fun has
come right back, but on an even greater scale.

The other benefit of having the Corsair II at home is that I can now
leave the Scout in the car.  I've been using it on my hour-long
commute on the way to and from work, and it's very well suited for the
job.  I do have some suggestions, which I hope you will find helpful
if you develop another mobile rig in the future ("Oh no, not that
thread again!"), but I will have to collect my thoughts and present
them in a little more detail that I have time for right now.  I will
do this, though.


At some point (distant future) I would like to find a 238 tuner, 262G
VFO, and an amplifier.  Does anyone have suggestions as to what
amplifier would make a good match for the Corsair II?  And if anyone
has leads on the 238 or 262G, I would be interested in hearing about

Thanks to Gary, Paul, and Scott -- please pass it along!  You've got
the greatest products and the best people behind them.  But you
probably already knew that.

Andrew M. Moore, NV1B

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