[TenTec] New Sunspot cycle!

L. L. Lamb W4NL-KA4S@worldnet.att.net
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 21:32:46 +0000

Ah shucks... Ten Tec did it again... they started the new sunspot cycle with
some activity on 10!  Love it.. many rigs have some birdies.. not to worry. 

My OMNI VI+ hears well, QSK is wonderful, no IMD problems (I had an
IC-756!), seems to work as well and maybe better than my ole IC-765, likes
alphas, may be able to get it upgraded someday without buying another rig,
Rosie KA4S says it's pretty, made in the USA, company owned by Americans,
the service is professional and personal, the company answers questions
quickly and by several mediums, THEY DON'T STONEWALL PROBLEMS as far as I
know, do not offer Ten Tec ball caps to OMNI VI+ customers...and they should
re-think this hi, Ten Tec radios may break (seems everything does in time),
but if they do SOMEONE is there for us... and now the start of the new
sunspot cycle.  Love it.......  

Have fun ... 73/dx   Lynn W4NL ....PVRC and CW forever...  

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