[TenTec] VFO Knob Tension??

George Arthur Talbot talbot@kmrmail.kmr.ll.mit.edu
Thu, 17 Jul 97 11:58:57+120


There is none on the Paragon. The Tuning knob attaches directly to the shaft
of the Hewlett Packard encoder. All the resistance is in the inertia of the
knob and the bearings in the encoder. I took and put a 'drop' of light
machine oil on the shaft bearing and it made it even more silky smooth.

At 01:45 PM 7/16/97 PST, you wrote:
>Does anyone happen to know if their is an adjustment on the VFO knob, to
>adjust the
>spinning tension on a Paragon and OMNI V?
>Landen Stoker KC5QDZ

I hope this helps,

George V73GT

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