[TenTec] IC751A versus Omni 6 plus

JOE and TAM BV/N0IAT joentam@transend.com.tw
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 13:24:31 +0800 (CST)

To the gentleman who was asking about comparisons of the IC751A versus the
Omni Six Plus....

I am sorry, but I can't seem to recall your original message to reply
directly, so, with an apology in advance I am posting this to the tentec
reflector in hopes that you are reading.

I had owned an Icom 751A for several years.  It is a good radio, but, I do
not consider it to be in the same class as the Omni Six Plus.   I note the
following MAJOR problems with the Icom 751A versus the TenTec:

1.  The Icom suffers from phase noise despite the quite good
quad-conversion receiver.  In its' day, the 751A was one of the best, but
that is nearly 15 years ago when the first 751A's were made.  

2.  The filters suffer from some degree of blow-by, especially closely
packed signals that are above S8.

3.  The IC-751A suffers from PLL microprocessor lock problems -- I dont
know the technical description, but I call it uP "bounce".   In QSK mode,
working mixed mode on 40 meters for example, the PLL will not lock fast
enough and the CW sounds like "brap ba brap brap" rather than "da di da
dah".   Working single frequency QSK is ok, but any split greater than
about 5 Khz causes the problem.   There is, of course, no problem in
non-QSK operation.

4.  QSK is marginal at best, and is only good to about 25WPM on the Icom.
The dits begin to chop, although the receiver can recover satisfactorily
under the "N4LQ test" which is to have another station send a string of
dits while sending at about 30WPM QSK.  If the other station can break in,
then the receive recovery is satisfactory. (Thanks Steve, your test is a
good practical one for those lacking kilo-buck test equipment).

My experience is that the IC751A versus the Omni 6 plus are about equal
on SSB when the Icom is equipped with an outboard DSP of the 59+ or better
variety.   On CW, though, the Omni IV is a better radio.  

Now, regarding price, one can have three or four used Icom 751A's for the
price of one OMNI 6+.   If you are not a CW afficionado, I believe the
Icom is one of the best values in ham radio today for a mid-to-upper end
radio.  But, if $ is no object, the TenTec is superior.  

I hope this is helpful.   

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