[TenTec] "Apparent" birdies in receivers

Dale Pendleton ad4yh@nortel.ca
18 Jul 1997 09:36 EDT

Yup! ya gotta keep in mind da historical perspective! Back in the early
days of wireless the bands were allocated to be very much indeed
harmonically related. That's not a bug, its a feature. Ya need ta
test & use the equipment the way God intended it to be used. 
Here's an example of a ``prohibitively costly'' scheme to get
rid of the birdies:

How about a seperate receiver for each 10 mhz segement through the
entire HF spectrum? 

That would ``get rid of the birds'' and be ``for the birds'' as well. 

It's ok to split hairs, but lets be technically correct with the
procedure we use for splitting the hairs!
Stuart has some very good points here. He he dows a good job of
bringing things back to reality...

Dale Pendleton - AD4YH
Member Scientific Staff
Northern Telecom

>No mixing scheme is perfect.   Look at the math, you have products of mixing
>that may fall into the bands of interest, unless prohibitively costly
>different schemes are used on different bands.****A number of our ham bands are
>harmonically related which enters in to design issues.*****

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