[TenTec] Stuff for sale!

Scott Rosenfeld NF3I ham@w3eax.umd.edu
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 16:44:21 -0400

Standard C188A 2m handheld.  Thin, and NEW!  10 months left on warranty.  
Tone encode and decode, wideband receive (500-200 MHz).  Selling at MRC 
(Maryland Radio) for $240+tax, asking $180.

Optoelectronics frequency coutner, 1300H, up to 1.3 GHz, handheld with 
LED display.  8-digit display.  Built from kit in 1988.  Built-in batteries, 
with charger.  Two gate speeds.  $75.

Kenwood TR-2500, excellent condition, 13 years old.  Heavy leather case, 3 
batteries, desk charger (rapid charge).  $120.

Pro-26 handheld scanner radio, 25-1300 MHz.  New condition, with leather 
case and charger.  200 channels.  Hyperscan.  $300/offer.

Pro-2039 desktop scanner with built-in power supply, hyperscan, 200 
channels, box and manual.  $249 new, asking $160.  New condiition.

A&A 20 meter QRP CW rig, with manual.  Complete except missing 5 
"junkbox-type" ICs.  $75.

My beloved Ten-Tec OMNI V with power supply/speaker.  CW/SSB/FM, like 
new.  Superb receiver.  Best I've ever had.  $1400 for both.  Boxes, 
manuals, etc.

Kantronics KAM, VHF/HF multimode controller.  Excellent condition, 
manuals, older (1990 but working) firmware.  $125.

Icom 735, with CW filter.  Excellent condition, new logo.  $650.

Icom AT-150 antenna tuner - automatic!  Three coaxes plus one random 
wire.  Automatic bandswitching via IC-735 with supplied cable.  Matches 
the 735.  $500 new, asking $285, with manual.

Icom PS-55 power supply, matches the 735.  Manual.  $175.

* Scott Rosenfeld NF3I Burtonsville, MD FM19mc QRV 80-10/6/2/440 *
*** 6m 75 grids worked on 8 watts *** HF 140 cfmd * QRP-L #147 ***
** QRP ARCI #9054 ** DXCC/WAS/WAC *** 100% dipole powered HF/6m **
* 301-549-1022 h / 301-982-1015 w *** Hamfest, life's simple joy *

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