[TenTec] Corsair II Remote vfo (sorry, pto) details

Peter Barville peter@barville.demon.co.uk
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 18:00:25 +0100

I recently acquired a Corsair II, and have been delighted by its
performance.  I would like to add the facility of a remote vfo
(or pto, if you prefer the term) for the rare occasion I chase the
odd bit of dx.

I've not been able to find the TenTec remote vfo unit for the Corsair,
but do have a home built 5MHz vfo which would do the job nicely.

Assuming I can obtain the accessory plug I would be happy to use my own
vfo, but wonder if anybody is able to let me have the details of the
TenTec switching arrangements in their purpose built remote vfo unit?

Thank you for your help ..
72, Peter G3XJS ( http://www.barville.demon.co.uk/qrpinfo.htm )

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