[TenTec] low priced Ten-Tec

JOE and TAM BV/N0IAT joentam@transend.com.tw
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 11:17:31 +0800 (CST)

Been reading aobut the Ten Tec discussion on a low priced rig.  I 
believe the ideal case for my personal operation is to bring out
a radio similar to the scout, but with improvements in drift (I'm
a high speed cw type) and with a 100 watt PA.  I would also like to see
an LCD rather than LED display, since LED's are worthless in a 
bright sunny mobile environment.   I like the idea of a jones filter --
perhaps adding a small audio DSP circuit in addition would help
the front end and the noise.

So, here's what I envision.   The new Ten-Tec Saturn:

Like the scout, with band modules.
jJones filter and audio DSP noise reduction and filtering.
0~100 watt PA with a switch to go instant QRP (0 to 10 W) like the 
   Argosy or Argosy 2.
LCD back-lighted frequency readout
built in keyer that did not cause frequency drift above 20WPM

Let's face it.  To compete with the Japanese rigs, cost will
be essential (low cost, that is).  The scout is popular since
the price is about the best out there to "get started".  
Those who own TT know it's worth paying a bit more, but to
keep a product alive, it needs to attract present-day non TT
owners.  This rig would do a bang-up job in a mobile 
environment or on a desk somewhere.   


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