David H. Hammond DHHDEH@concentric.net
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 21:31:52 +0000

You can add my vote to the "Rig in the Middle" discussions for a Gold
Run of the Corsair II.  Would buy one in a New York Minute.

What to change? Not very much.  Leave the PTO in.  Like the quiet.
Will tolerate a little drift. Nothing like a quiet "PTO" receiver.

Just eliminate that dreadful hang AGC in the slow position. Yech.

Other than that she's a beauty. Classic elegance in a non-
digital rig.  Be sure to run some 263G outboard VFO's to match.

Bet TT would sell enough to justify a Gold Run even at a premium
price. Would help to build on their expanding market niche in HF rigs.

Would make a beautiful back-up to OMNI VI Plus or a great primary rig
too. In my shack the biggest problem is deciding which rig to use.

Hey TT Gang give it some thought!  You never know! Waiting for my PO#.

73 de N1LQ Dave

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