[TenTec] OmniV/VI cw characteristics

Paul Christensen paulc@mediaone.net
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 15:59:47 -0400

>for cw and most have a real steep leading edge which translates to a hard
>TenTec has been reluctant to attack the problem.

Perhaps because a "problem" doesn't exist?

What if I like a "hard note?"  Does a problem exist?  Notwithstanding
potential key clicks on very fast rise/fall times, the sharper the note,
the better I like it.  Someone replied a few minutes ago and indicated that
note instability is generally attributed to inadaquate power supply
regulation.  Any of us running our Omnis on 20-Amp Astron supplies?

-Paul, W9AC

From: Del Seay, KL7HF <seay@Alaska.NET>
To: Allan G. Taylor <ataylor@midas.llnl.gov>
Cc: tentec@contesting.com
Date: Monday, June 23, 1997 3:23 PM
Subject: Re: [TenTec] OmniV/VI cw characteristics

>The OMNI-V was not plagued by a poor note. It was great in all cases that
>listened too.
>The OMNI-6 is another matter. They have a real strange turn on/off
>for cw and most have a real steep leading edge which translates to a hard
>I have'nt found any with clicks, but most sound extremely hard.
>I softened my 'SIX' keying by playing with the base capacitors in the
>low-level amp stage, where the tx/rx voltages are formed. However, W4QM
>the same thing with no effect. So, I  don't know what the "fer-sure" cure
>TenTec has been reluctant to attack the problem.
>Incidently, the QSK in the 'SIX' needs some TLC, too. It is not up to
>TT standards as they come out. This may be taken care of in the "PLUS"
>and if so, I'll know next month.
>Good Luck.  de KL7HF
>At 10:24 AM 6/23/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>A recent thread mentioned the cw keying waveform of the OmniV/VI as being
>>up to the usual TT standard. While I have heard a few OmniVIs that were
>>the mark, it is not so for all of them. In particular, I recall that the
>>of K7UOT as having particulary sweet and stable keying. I would like to
>>what the concensus is regarding both the OmniV and OmniVI with regard to
>>keying. Additionally, is there a known fix? If not, is someone looking
into it?
>>For those with the problem, is it possibly a power supply stiffness
>>(i.e., not stiff enough for the demands of cw--I have noted that often
>>lesser rigs, Icoms in particular).
>>The OmniVI+ has become my target rig for a funds-raising effort and I
want to
>>know if there are any flies in the ointment that can't be removed!
>>Grant  K7GT  k7gt@qsl.net
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