[TenTec] Major Shack Purging - amps, QRP, OMNI V, IC-735, scanners, HTs, remote-FM rigs

Scott Rosenfeld NF3I ham@w3eax.umd.edu
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 08:14:47 -0400

It's that time again!  Ten-Tec shipped me a kit about 3 weeks early.  I 
found a REALLY nice soldering station to buy AND an HF radio I HAD to 

THEREFORE, I'm making room!  How many HTs and QRP rigs and power supplies 
can one have?  
Icom IC-735, 12 memories, min power set at 4 watts.
Like new condition (or very close).  Later model, with later
logo.  Just bought another one in a package deal, and have to sell this 
one to make room.  Comes with FL-32A 500 Hz CW filter, box, and hand mic.  
Looking for the manual.  Rig is in everyday use for HF as well as xverter 
IF rig.  $650/obo.  

Ten-Tec OMNI V, excellent condition with box, manual, optional FM 
module.  Will include Model 961 power supply/speaker for $200 more, won't 
sell until have sold radio.  Power controllable from front panel from 1 
to 90 watts, offset set at 650 Hz for CW.  Voltage regulator installed 
for freq stability.  No optional filters.  Best receiver I've EVER 
listened to.

$1100 with FM board - TT sells for $1225 without the board.

Power supplies:

Astron RS-12A 9A continuous 12A surge 12v regulated power supply.  Excellent 
condition, in box.  $80 new, asking $55.

Tenna Phase III 7a cont 10a surge 12v regulated power supply (10a surge).  
Compact (about 5" x 8" x 3" high).  $29.

GSC CBIIIR 3a cont, 5a surge 12v regulated power supply.  Exc. cond, 5" x 5" 
x 3" high.  $18.

Tripp-Lite PR-4.5.  12v regulated 4.5 amp power supply.  Excellent 
condition with velcro on one side (I didn't do this).  $25.

Micronta UNregulated 12v 1.75a supply.  Nice steel case.  $10.

QRP rigs, built and unbuilt:

UNBUILT OHR 100 30m.  Variable bandwidth is wonderful...$90.

UNBUILT A&A K9AY 30m.  Case and all...$90.

(for KA3RTE) ARK 20 20m rig, with FREE Ramsey linear amp.  $270 with CW 
filter and keyer built-in.

MOSTLY BUILT A&A 20m rig missing some IC's, otherwise complete.

2m/440 HTs:

Yaesu FT-50R/FTT-12 (digital recorder/CTCSS decode).  2m/440, with
FTT-11 (original) keypad as well.  < 1 year old, recently tuned 
up by Yaesu.  With box, manual, 9.6v battery pack.  Excellent 
condition.  $330 new withough FTT-11, asking $280 with it.

ADI AT-200HP 2m HT with CTCSS encode/decode, high power pack, wideband 
receiver, etc.  Like new, with box and manual.  $189 new, asking $135.

Kenwood TR-2500 2m HT with ST-2 charging/operating stand, 3 batteries 
(re-packed), manual, speaker-mic.  Excellent condition.  $125.

Yaesu FT-208R with NC-8 charging stand, speaker-mic.  Radio's PTT button 
non-functional.  Works great as cheap base rig.  With manual, IF I can 
find it.  $90.

Standard C188A 2m HT, NEW in box.  Never used.  CTCSS encode/decode, 
battery, charger, manual, box, etc.  11 mos of warranty left.  $289 new, 
asking $195.

For ANY of above HTs!  

Radio Shack HTA-20 2m 30w amplifier.  Excellent condition, hardly used.  
1.5w in gives about 18w out.  5w in for 30 out.  Sells new for $99, 
asking $50.

Daiwa 5w in 35w out amplifier FM/SSB with preamp.  New in box, never used.  
Good for HTs and lower power SSB rigs/xverters.  Asking $75.  


Uniden SportCat SC-150Y handheld 100 channel scanner with turboscan.  
VHF/UHF incl. 800 MHz but NOT including the cellular phone bands.  $130.

Radio Shack PRO-2039 base scanner, new condition with box & manual.  
VHF/UHF except celular.  Includes telescoping whip antenna.  Hardly 
used.  Headphone jack on front panel.  $250 new at RS, asking $175.

2m/440 MOBILE rigs, etc.

M^2 6m SQLOOP antenna - compact 6m loop, good for mobiling/portable use.  
With L-bracket for mast mounting.  Horizontally polarized OMNI 
pattern.  18" x 20".  Excellent condition, $129 new, asking $100.

JPS ANC-4 Antenna Noise Canceller - really does null out noise.  Too
hard for me to use mobile.  $169 new, with box, manual, and antennae,
asking $130.

Kenwood TM-733A, like new dualband mobile rig (2m/440).  With MFJ 
duplexer, backlit mic, and remote mounting kit (DFK-3B, never used).  
Box and manual, plus mobile bracket, included.  $425 for all.

Yaesu FT-5200 dualband mobile (2m/440).  VG condition (a few scuffs 
on side panel).  Comes with backlit mic, MW-1 backlit WIRELESS mic, 
YSK-1L separation kit (remote mount).  Extended receive enabled.
Built-in duplexer.  Panel lamps are blown, and new ones are 
coming from Yaesu.  Asking $360 for all.  

Offers considered, need to sell...can deliver light objects to Ft. 
Tuthill swap in July...

* Scott Rosenfeld NF3I Burtonsville, MD FM19mc QRV 80-10/6/2/440 *
*** 6m 75 grids worked on 8 watts *** HF 140 cfmd * QRP-L #147 ***
** QRP ARCI #9054 ** DXCC/WAS/WAC *** 100% dipole powered HF/6m **
* 301-549-1022 h / 301-982-1015 w *** Hamfest, life's simple joy *

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