[TenTec] FS or FT: Argo 556

Marty Watt mdwatt@usit.net
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:18:34 GMT

I have an Argo 556, excellent to mint condition, with installed
noise blanker, hand mic, and *all* band modules (160-10m).  Also
have TenTec manual with schematics.  This rig went out of TenTec
production last month, although the Scout is still available, the
Argo nameplate is currently retired.  Haven't noted any frequency
instability or significant PTO drift on this rig.

TenTec asks $594.10 + shipping/handling/tax for this rig, as
equipped, used with a 10-day return and 30 day warranty.  Demo price
from TenTec with a 30 day return and 1 year warranty is $752.63 plus

Condition of this rig is demo, not used.  Asking $575 plus shipping.
Rig works superb -- condition excellent to mint.

Also willing to trade, plus $$, for Alinco DX-70 or similar compact
HF rig with general coverage/allmode receive and MARS/CAP capable.

72 es 73 de 
Marty, KM7W
Jackson, Tennessee                        e-mail:  mdwatt@usit.net
                                         "The Curmudgeon's Corner"
NorCal #2031 - ARCI #7514 - QRP-L #953 - AK/QRP #098 - Grid EM55oq

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