[TenTec] FS: TT Omni-D

Allan G. Taylor ataylor@midas.llnl.gov
Thu, 8 May 1997 10:53:13 -0700 (PDT)

FOr sale: Tentec Omni-D

I still have for sale a Tentec Omni-D (B-series), perhaps with a cw filter, and
(if you want) a TT mic. I am asking $400 range. It has connections added to it 
to control a TT QSK amp (and does so quite well). The external VFO is sold.
I will consider some partial trades, but some $$ is important here for family

Also have for sale an Astron 35A power supply (after the xcvr is sold) for $100
and an MFJ keyer/Bencher paddle piggyback combo. Make offer (if less than $50,
I will keep it, tho). Does anyone want the MFJ keyer w/o the Bencher paddle?
If so, try $15 for it.

The rig can be heard (amplified by my Titan amp) nearly every morning on 40 cw,
or by sked 40 - 10. No ant for 80 yet.

Grant  K7GT     email to   k7gt@qsl.net

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