[TenTec] DX4WIN Logging Software

Duane Calvin dcalvin@austin.ibm.com
Thu, 15 May 1997 20:07:36 +0000

Since the subject of rig control and logging software has been brought
up, I'd like to pass along a recommendation out of my experience.  I've
used several of the currently available logging programs and have found
one which is outstanding in both performance and support.  It is DX4WIN,
and it supports rig control on all the current major transceivers as
well as logging, log checking on needed DXCC/WAZ/WAS/(etc) stations,
etc.  It is a Windows 3.1, 95 or NT application.  I can't begin to
describe all that it has to offer.  It is priced well, and the function
it provides is outstanding.  It is simple to use, yet very powerful. 
Support is head and shoulders above the others I've tried.  You can
check it out for yourself at the url below, and even download a trial
copy (some functions disabled...).  This is easily the best software for
the ham station that I've found or used.  Check it out at:


 73, Duane  AC5AA  (disclaimer: I am not associated with the
developers/marketers of this software in any way except as a very
pleased customer)

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