[TenTec] QRP with Omni VI

Larry Gibbs larrygibbs_@ibm.net
Sun, 02 Nov 1997 12:32:57 -0500

wallace offutt wrote:
> Hello,
> Have been operating in QRP category in SS but not sure how to judge when I
> have reduced power to 5 watts.  I am using an outboard power meter
> (MFJ-815B) and when it says 5 watts the Omni meter says 12 watts.  When
> the Omni says 5 watts out, the MFJ says 2.5 watts.  Anyone have any idea
> how accurate the Omni meter is?
> 73,
> Hal W1NN
Hi, Hal!
Don't know the answers to your specific questions, but many
meters are accurate to +/- 10% of full scale. The Bird is 5%.
The closer the power you are trying to read is to a significant
place on the meter, the more accurate it probably is.

I used to agravate a friend who had a Heathkit 2-meter rig and
the Heath wattmeter. He was trying to measure output of the 25
watt rig on the 250 watt scale. I pointed out that +/- 10% of
full scale was +/- 25 watts of error. Therefore a registered
output of zero to 50 watts would fall within the accuracy range
of the meter.

73, Larry
Amateur Radio W3UIO; Team OS/2
Running Ten-Tec at OS/2 Warp
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