[TenTec] 1210 Xverter Drift

John Hultgren John Hultgren" <hultgren@rio.com
Sat, 08 Nov 97 19:15:40 -0800

Hi, folks

I have a 1210 (28 to 144) Xverter. I think it works well, but I find
one part of the operation to be frustrating.

When I chat for a minute or two on SSB, the rig drifts in frequency.
When I go back to receive the station with whom I am in contact is no
longer tuned in correctly. It is not a huge amount of shift, but it
is not desirable.

I assume that this is due to heating. Has anyone got a fix for this??


John Hultgren K7EX
CompuServe 70366,1331

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