[TenTec] Re: Need help with Corsair-2

Jim Parsons k5rov@worldnet.att.net
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 09:14:30 -0600

Thank you, Chester...it appears I am going to have to do as you suggested.
But, It was rebuilt by the factory about 3 weeks ago. It was after the
rebuild that this problem showed up. I am starting to wonder about TenTec

Thanks again for your help...

Jim, K5ROV

At 01:01 PM 11/14/97 +0000, you wrote:
>In addition to Steve's and Clark's good suggestions, be aware that TenTec
>sells a PTO repair kit that is relatively inexpensive. It is not exactly a
>snap to do the first time, but after the first time, it becomes much
>easier. Just don't rush the job and you can rebuild it yourself and get it
>to feel the way you want it to feel. Home rebuilt PTO's should normally not
>need further attention for a couple of years, but that kit is very handy
>thing to have on your shelf.
>At 11:11 PM 11/13/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>Thanks to those who responded to my message asking for help. 
>>The recommendation has been made that I have the PTO rebuilt. However, The
>>PTO was rebuilt by the factory the first time it was sent there. Thats when
>>this problem started. The PTO was rebuilt because of a small amount of
>>backlash. But when I got it back, I had this slippage problem. I returned
>>the rig to the factory, stating the problem I was having, and I got it back
>>with a statement that they replaced a rear spring in the PTO to fix the
>>clicking. I was getting a clicking feeling when it was tuned, but I also
>>complained about the slippage, and that was not addressed. The clicking is
>>gone, but the slippage remains.
>>I appreciate any help I can get.
>>Thanks and God bless...
>>Jim, K5ROV
>Chester Alderman
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