[TenTec] Looking for Corsair II repair advice-

Web Williams kr4wm@sccoast.net
Mon, 17 Nov 1997 07:59:33 -0500

I've owned this Corsair II for a couple of years, and every 
once in awhile, I've gotten reports of RF in the audio, or 
"fuzzy" audio, or whatever. Day before yesterday, a nearby 
ham, and a not-so-nearby ham, were talking with me on 75 
meters, and gave me "the report" of fuzzy sounding audio once 
again. I informed them that I thought RF was getting back into 
my radio. This prompted a rather extensive test procedure to 
assist me in determining what could be causing this effect. I 
turned down my power level (using the ALC control), at the 
advice of one of the hams. I am of the opinion that this is 
this control's purpose. I still had fuzzy audio. I turned the 
ALC back up, and turned down the drive control, and this cleared 
up my problem immediately! Now Ten Tec's instructions for 
properly operating this rig is to turn up the drive control 
until the ALC light -just- starts to come on. As another piece 
of the puzzle, I turned on my Centurion amp to add power and 
see if RF was the problem or not. The Centurion gave full 
output, and the signal, with the drive control set very low, 
displayed no distortion (or fuzzyness) at rated RF out. So, 
fellow Ten Tec users, is there an internal adjustment that I 
need to know about that will control this fuzziness, yet still 
allow me to properly set the drive control according to the 
rig's manual? Anyone else have this problem and fix it? Is 
there a mike gain control inside? Could this be my problem? 
As another consideration, the rigs previous owner had the ALC 
control set to limit the output power to about 75-80 watts, 
and I turned it up to 100 watts out. While "operating" on this 
circuit board, I noticed that the board was pretty well burned 
around one resistor, which had been replaced. Should the whole 
ALC board be replaced?
73 all, -Web KR4WM in Myrtle Beach, SC

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