[TenTec] VOA = oops

Ten-Tec, Inc. sales@tentec.com
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 15:39:57 Eastern Standard Time

Ten-Tec, Inc. wrote:
> The VOA will be broadcasting a 30 minute long segment on Ten-Tec,
> shortwave receiving and the 1254 receiver kit tomorrow, Saturday
> Nov. 22 during their "Communications World" radio show.
> VOA suggested listening on 5985 kHz at 1030 UTC, 7768.5 kHz at 1230
> UTC, or 15120 kHz at 1730 kHz.  There are many other additional times
> and frequencies that are used by them as well "as announced".

This broadcast actually was on Saturday 11/22.  Unfortunately my ISP was
not letting me transmit outgoing e-mail on Friday and the message did not
go out until Monday morning.  I do not know if VOA is planning to
re-broadcast and we do not have a tape of the program.


WB2TPS wrote:

>(Travolta uses a Paragon, copies AMTOR by ear)

>So, I tried to send RTTY and AMTOR with a straight key on my OMNI-VI 
>( the TNC was off)....no luck!!!
>Do you think TT will include this amazing capability in a future 
>firmware upgrade for the OMNI???

We're working on it as we speak, and we'll also be adding a DISCO function 
to the menu system to allow playback of Lee Ritenour's guitar licks from 
the Saturday Night Fever album through the rig's speaker.

You guys are the best !  Thanks for your support of Ten-Tec.  

Ten-Tec will be closed Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28 for Thanksgiving.

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