[TenTec] Advice

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG turner@safety.ics.uci.edu
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 11:38:00 -0800

> I have recently decided to get back on the air after an absence of several
> years. My last rig was a Ten Tec 540 that had a gorgeous receiver. I have

Nice little rigs.  I had one in 1978 or so and loved it too.

> listened to Icom and Kenwood rigs and have been less than pleased with the

Restricted and usually cheap ceramic filters are stock.  Too bad.  You
can get one to sound OK, but you have to go in there and fiddle.  I
got a TS 440 to sound very nice by installing 940 filters, not too 
much work, but not a Ten Tec either, hi hi.

> audio. Now I am down to the Omni VI plus and the Scout. My little

Very wide choice!  I own the OMNI VI (waiting for my plus upgrade
to show up at my door!)  I have had a Scout here for about a week.
The Scout is a very basic radio, it will do the job, but it is
just not the OMNI VI.  If you have the money and the space on
your shack table (and don't really want to mobile) I would heartily
recommend the OMNI VI.  However, if you are just getting back in
and don't want to commit a large investment at the start, but you
want to play with a rig that can mobile (but portable battery
operation is limited, there is some problem with most Scouts I
know running well from a mere 12 volts as far as good smooth 
ragchew audio.....)  - then try the Scout.  You can always sell
it afterwards and upgrade, and they hold their value fairly 
well, especially if you buy used to begin with.


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