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Sun, 2 Nov 1997 22:51:17 -0600

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From: Larry DiGioia <larryd@bright.net>

Subject: Re: [TenTec] SSB Xtals 
Date: Sunday, January 25, 1998 7:12 PM

>Hey, anyone get down on 160 and use their extra CW filters to dig
>the little weak ones in between the 60 db over S9 signals right next
>door?  The OMNI VI really shows its colors during the late evening
>on a 160 contest.

 My new Omni arrived the day before the contest. I was operating the
contest (not seriously, as an entrant, just as a DXer) while reading
the manual. I had never transmitted on 160 before, and my previous
rig was a Century 21.

 It was like taking off in a Mercedes after driving a Chevy.

 I operated about 4 hours total, finished the manual, and I now have
24 states and a few countries (including KH6.) Everyone answered on
my first call.

 One of the first things I did was turn the sidetone down to about

 I still have not made my first HF voice QSO, even though I have my
new Heil hooked up to it, CW is just too much fun.

 Problems: like many have said, the Heil does not quite kick the VOX
unless I yell, and have the processor turned up. I don't care, I got
the footswitch anyway. I also am not thrilled that I need to take the
PL-259 off my receive antenna and use an RCA connector.

 I think that the audio seems optimized for CW, hollow-sounding, even
with no filters in, and using amplified speakers (with a subwoofer
yet) and NR off. If I ever get serious about AM, I will need another

 Last but not least, the manual states that "because of the superb
selectivity and overload performance etc. etc. you may never need to
use the attenuator." I disagree. I could not do without it. Using it
made the crucial difference many times with weak signals in crowded
areas on 160, and I would say that it appears that the DSP functions
much better with it in.

 Thanks to all who helped steer me toward the Omni,

||Larry||    N8KU

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