[TenTec] Omni VI+ problems???

Jim Hollenback jholly@cup.hp.com
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 12:52:11 -0800

On Feb 2, 12:29pm, Kok Chen wrote:
> Subject: Re: [TenTec] Omni VI+ problems???
> >Anyone else had any similar problems with their Omni VI+, TT says my PS
> >961 is bad so I went to my backup an Astron RS-35M and the problems
> >repeat, its the rig I know it. :-(
> Yep, they said the same thing when my Omni VI decided to
> sporadically (maybe once in 3 times, now -- the problem seems
> to have become worse) change tuning rates when I turn the rig on.
> Ten-Tec blamed the power supply (also a Ten-Tec, which I had used
> for years without mishap on an Omni V).
> (By the way, I assume you are already following their instruction
> about turning on the 961 before turning on the power switch on
> the rig?)
> Nope, power supply is fine...
> In my case, the tuning rate setting often locks up at the 0.85/turn
> rate, and it wouldn't let me change the setting without doing a major
> reset.  I used to solve the problem by using my trustworthy FT-990,
> instead.  But I had to un-mothball the Omni after setting up the
> FT-990 at the YL's QTH.  So I am back fighting the tuning rates on
> the Omni VI again.
> 73
> Kok Chen, AA6TY

Using computer control? My Omni-VI has fits if the baud rate is over
1200. The main tuning locks up at 0.real-slow. The only way to recover
is hit the hard reset. sigh, reset ALL the menus. UGH. TT's response
is "Gee, we never heard of that before". Basically, far as they are
concerned the problem does not exist. Sure would love get a gander at
the ROM source code. I bet there is a buffer over run somewhere or a
stack overflow and the stable store gets hammered.  The problem crops
up when alot of RS-232 activity takes place.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

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