[TenTec] OMNI V alignement

HUERTAS Marc marc.huertas@itin.fr
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 15:45:22 +0100

Hello everybody on the list,

I would like to get the alignement procedure for the Omni V,
particilarily concerning the pbt board (15,3 Mhz ocsilator). The owner
manual is not very helpful concerning adjustment of R22 and C18.

I would also want to know if there's a way to correct the frenquency
counter wich is good on LSB but false (300 Hz) on USB. I think my
carrier oscillators are correctly tuned acording to the bandpass filter
but it is true that on LSB, I have 9.000MHZ and on USB I had to tune it
on 9.002.7MHz instead of 9.003. With the USB Bfo on 9.003, the pitch is
too high and really off the 9Mhz bandpass standard filter (and I can't
use the 1.8).

Any comments or help will be welcome.

73's de Marc, F6IIV.

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