[TenTec] Why Stop Here ?

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG turner@safety.ics.uci.edu
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 13:14:28 -0800

> Boy, I know I'm gonna start something ! The ONLY decent audio out of any Ten
> Tec I've owned- Corsair 2, Paragon, Omni 5, 6, 6+ (upgraded) was with the
> older style Heil amplified speakers. I operate 99% phone and finally sold my
> TT in favor of a Yazoo 1000D. I own Collins S-Line, Drake C-Line and R-8A,

I understand.  I think the audio from the bottom firing Corsair series is
the best of the bunch, and it is merely OK.  Also, for SSB, the Yazoo 1000
is a fine radio, I was just barely able to resist an even trade for one
with my OMNI VI a while back.  If SSB was my only mode, I may have swapped!

> look elsewhere. I never had anyone tell me how good my Xmit'd audio sounded
> on any TT- using a variety of mics incl. TT desk mic. With all the other

That is an odd comment in my experience, because I get regular comments on 
my transmitted audio.  Very regular.  Maybe you got rigs with carrier 
oscillators that were adjusted a bit out of range, that will do it to any 
rig.  I always check this with any new rig coming in and get my transmitted 
audio where I want it.  My Ten Tec's are second only to the wider filtering 
in my Kenmore appliance for transmitted audio.  For 2.4 transmit filters, the
Ten Tec's have always gotten the best audio reports of my many rigs.

> tuner) but they've got some work to do ! OK guys-start throwing stones !!

We still like you, Brian.  Its OK to complain :-) .


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