[TenTec] Cleartone Speaker Phenomenon

James C. Owen, III owen@piper.eeel.nist.gov
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:29:29 -0500 (EST)

In message Sun, 15 Feb 1998 12:29:20 -0500,
  Chester Alderman <chestert@pressroom.com>  writes:

> bought the speaker and tried it on my Omni 6+  and
> really gave it a workout; it's now collecting dust on one of my basement
> shelves. I use one of the 4" GE Mobile Communications speakers and no
> matter what I try, it continues to sound the best to me,
Well Chester beat me too this but I will elaborate a little more.
I too don't like the audio quality from the speaker in the Corsair II and
the Kenwood TS-130S  for that matter. I was using a mobile HF speaker I
removed from a auto I sold, a Kenwood TX-30 that works fine on a Stereo but
was still not happy with the audio. At the Gathersburg Hamfest last fall a
vendor had a basket full of mobile speakers from GE and Motorola commerical
rigs for $4.00. I picked one up and it the best sounding speaker I have
found to date. It's a 4" quality speaker and if the external case is too
ugly you can always paint it. So at your next hamfest see if someone has
some of these. If they are less than $7 or $8 they will be a bargain.  73

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